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Last Updated: 7-03-18

My research directory features the latest discoveries in allopathic and natural medicine research from a variety of sources including alternative medicine journals, NEJM,, and miscellaneous scholarly journals.  It will continue to be updated on a regular basis.  It's a time saver in that instead of subscribing to several online journals and having those updates clog up your email inbox, I do the work for you and provide one document that is continually updated with that information.  You can bookmark this web address or add it to your favorites for a quick reference.

Reflexology Research Studies - 1990's to present

Reflexology Research Pub Med Studies.docx

Reflexology Research Sources.docx

See "Science Direct" above under Reflexology Section


My profile page to my studies, projects, and data sets, you may have to be a member of ResearchGate to view this.

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