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My Referral Network

Last Updated: 3/4/15

Put disclaimer about referring out to other providers of all scopes of practice. Consult with ABMP about this and my university in HI. 

Explain that I will only refer out to individuals I have received services from, have the highest integrity, and a personal respect and appreciation for.  I want my referral network to be about quality first - referring to quality professionals that put their clients/patients ahead of the almighty dollar.

The list will keep growing and sort it regionally.  Bay Area first.

Karen Montalbano, DC, DO - San Francisco, CA  (summarize my personal experience of being healed by her with my fake sciatica that I suffered with round the clock nerve pain for 3 weeks and on round the clock meds that didn't touch it.) She fixed me in one treatment.

Michelle Allen, MD - Kaiser San Francisco, CA Michelle is my personal MD and I highly recommend her as an excellent primary care physician.  I went through about five different doctors at Kaiser before I found the right match for me.  Michelle is that ideal mix of strict allopathic adherence and hierarchy but at the same time open-minded and listens to ideas from the other side of the tracks.  She refers out to Kaiser's Integrative Medical team as needed and is non-judgmental about alternative medicine.  While being open-minded, she adheres to her position as an allopathic provider and so in my view, she's the best of both worlds.  I think highly of her.

Theresa Potente, Lic. Psychotherapist, LCSW The California Counseling Institute, LLC - San Francisco, CA (summarize my personal experience of being healed from a 30 year body image issue in one appointment)

Jessica Melman, V.M.D. Park Animal Hospital - San Francisco, CA I had the best vet check up for my pure bred Maltese dog Princess ever.  Dr. Melman was exceptionally thorough and noticed things about my dog that prior vets had overlooked.  She is very proactive about lab work and preventative testing and health.  A person of high integrity and professionalism who is also personable. 

Nishanga Bliss, LAc - Berkeley, CA (summarize my personal experience of her as my teacher of her nutrition series.)

Nick Night, MT, CPT, PTA - Bisbee, AZ (summaries my experience with him as my Advanced Medical Massage Practitioner instructor).

Vincent Cambrea, CPT - The Cambrea Institute - Gainesville, FL (summarize his development of the IMAP program and his stellar knowledge.)

Ocean View Dental - San Francisco, CA

Looking to add to the referral network: 

A Registered Dietician. 

A CMT specializing in oncology massage.

A CMT specializing in pregnancy and infant massage.

A NAHA Registered Clinical Aromatherapist 


General Listings and directories:  The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture provides a free physician referral service and can be reached at 1-800-521-2262 The National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance provides referrals to licensed non-physician therapists at 1-253-851-6896. American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine The Institute for Integrative Health


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