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My Credentials, Education and Training

Last Updated: 5/01/18

I have been and continue to take trainings around the nation for my health education.  I value diversity, different perspectives and different points of view on health education because each approach has something of value to contribute.

Please click on the link to the file below which is an ongoing spreadsheet of my health training and continuing education.  This is a quick reference guide to my ongoing educational training and it will be updated regularly.

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Freya's Health Training and Education Record.docx

Below are scanned copies of my training and leadership certifications.





Pediatric Training.pdf

Health Training Part 1.pdf

Health Training Part 2.pdf

Health Training Part 3.pdf

Health Training Part 4.pdf


Time sensitive renewable documentation of my CMT Certification, Proof of Insurance and Code of Ethics:

Time-Sensitive Certifications, Proof of Ins and Code of Ethics.pdf


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